Mediation - How it works

Any two parties wanting to resolve a legal dispute outside of litigation retains The Law Office as a mediator to facilitate a mediation process. The Mediator facilitates a discussion between both parties as to issues that need to be resolved and helps ascertain prevalent information key to the issues involved. The mediator also helps both parties prioritize their needs and points of compromise, agreement and difference while aiding in identifying preliminary and basic legal issues in the case. The process is client driven and at no point should the mediator direct parties to one resolution over the other. The mediator is a neutral party facilitating a legal negotiation process.

The mediator is not retained as an attorney, despite his or her legal qualifications. Each party is encouraged to retain an attorney to review settlement agreements at the conclusion of the mediation. In addition, each party is free to retain an attorney at anytime through the mediation process as well as financial experts, health and mental consultants  as well as any experts the process requires.

The process begins with an initial interview of both parties involved, followed by the actual mediation process.

The mediator talks to both parties together and separately if required in order to aid the parties to reach an agreement on the issues laid out. The process can be spread out over days and weeks or completed in just one day depending on the complexities of the issues, the schedules of the parties and the desire of the parties urgency to reach a resolution. A standard mediation can take anywhere from 5 to 15 hours.

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